Wassup fellas? So let’s dive into this issue many people have with their dogs “My dog is biting the mailman“.

I’m gonna show you what to do to avoid this issue, but first let’s see why this is happening.

  1. Trespassing Territory
  2. Mailmen Keep Coming Back!
  3. Release of Addicting Chemicals
  4. The Behavior Becomes Habitual
  5. The Behavior Generalizes
brain training 4 dogs

The dog is creating a habit of doing this and now it’s time to teach you how to avoid this issue.

The Solution

Place some dog treats inside the mailbox or find a way to give the treats to the mailman.

The mailman then has to offer these treats to the dog each time a visit takes place.

This way your dog will start to love the mailman and won’t bite him anymore.

This can apply to others as well: pizza delivery guys, couriers, or any person with whom the dog has a problem.

I hope this solution will help you figure this out.


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