What Is Marketing? Well, It Is Everything Around You



Hey there,

I’m going into the depths of marketing below. What is it, what does it mean, why it does exist, why it works and when it does not work.


Let’s forget about scratching the surface and dig in deep:


#What Is It?

Marketing is a lifestyle. A way of living the life you have. It is like something you can’t live without.

Every day, in every way, you do marketing. For free. You dress in a certain way, it’s marketing.

You eat a specific food you like, it’s marketing. You watch a movie, you play a game, you are using your phone: “Hello...MARKETING!!!”


#What Does It Mean?

It means that you are selling, something, or yourself. In every way possible (webcams included, don’t hide it), selling cybersex. Don’t lie to yourself. Admit it.

You recommend a restaurant you eat at. You talk about your fav movie, you buy clothes and give advice on how to wear ’em.

You do video tutorials. You do affiliate marketing. You talk about what you like and dream about and how this changes your life. Making money and help others by selling them. By helping others sell themselves and more.

That’s what it means. When you do a selfie, that’s marketing!


#Why It Does Exist?

Because you can’t live without talking to people. Connect with them. Share what you know and have.

Can’t live without those. And people get depressed when they don’t get the appreciation of their ideas.

It exists because we are humans and yes, we associate it with money, but this goes on the bonus side heading!

It exists because “I want to tell you how my day was” “I want to be listened to and understood by you at the end of the day” Continue reading

Solo Ads Are Better Delivered By Women – What Do You Think?

Don’t ask me why I chose this title. Having your own blog is the best freedom at the end of the day.

You don’t have to please everyone. But let’s go into business:

Let’s say that you want to quit your job


And go with affiliate marketing. One problem though. You have the experience with your job, but not with aff marketing.


What do you do? Who are you going to teach to make money, when nobody buys from you?


You go, but Vlad, but nobody taught me what to buy, and when!


So you must learn the hard part!



Affiliate Marketing is about Investments and such


You need to invest money in order to speed up the process, or your time (slower results).

Solo ads are the fastest way to do that.


The secret to solo ads is “women”.  You might be confused right now. Why women? What is this has to do with marketing?

Continue reading