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Hello dog trainers,

Today I have the privilege to present to you a website that I came across while surfing the web looking to make friends inside my niche. This is not a “How To Train Your Dog” usual blog post, but a review of the Pet Radio Show website, especially this blog post that they have about Clicker Training.

You know that I’m a “clicker training” fan when I talk about the dog training guide “Brain Training For Dogs” and I believe that is the fastest method you can use to achieve the best results with your dog.

This is what makes the Pet Radio Show website look similar to my website. We are in the same niche, but what makes the Pet Radio Show different is that it focuses on a broader range of pets like cats, reptiles, and birds, while I focus especially on dog training. They also do guest posting, and they have more traffic than I do (good job😉 ). They have a Facebook page, while I don’t have one. The look & feel of the website is great, with easy-to-navigate menus and tons of good quality content.

So what I did is I liked one of their blog posts and I was contacted by the site owner via email as a “Thank you” note for doing this and a possible collaboration to exchange website links so we can grow more together in “Google’s eyes” backlinking together.

I promised that I will create a blog post to feature this website, so here it is now. I know it’s not a long one (as it shouldn’t be) but again, I highly recommend you visit the Pet Radio Show website and search for your favorite content there as they have some nice cats & dogs image galleries and they are working on some videos and podcasts.

That’s it from me and I’ll see you guys in my future dog training blog posts. Until then, stay safe and take care.


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