Bichons are companion and playful dogs with fluffy hairs that doesn’t really shed. These get them dirty with matted fur, if left uncared for in a long time. As an owner of this dog breed, you must understand how to groom a bichon. This is to keep them looking beautiful and also protect them from having skin and coat problems.

However, proper maintenance of Bichon involves the perfect grooming of the dog, which should be carried out once every 3-4 weeks. This can be achieved using the proper tools. So, listed below are the tools needed to groom your Bichon.

Tools Needed for Grooming a Bichon Frise

Before you can groom your Bichon, there are some tools you need to put in place. These includes:

How to Groom a Bichon Step by Step

Grooming of a bichon is not an easy task as most people outside the dog rearing community think. However, to make this task an easy one, below are the steps you should take.


After having all the essential tools at hand, the next thing is to tie down your bichon dog using collar and leash. The dog should be clung to a leash holder, or someone can help you hold the dog’s chain for the entire grooming session.

Mind you, this task should be done on a flat surface for easy access and comfort.

Step 1 – Bathing, Drying and Combing

A wet Bichon Frise wrapped in a blue towel

Bathing: Start by bathing your pet using whitening shampoo specially designed for it. This should be supported with subsequent application of conditioner. Bath thoroughly but not harshly, to avoid injuring your dog. Also, while bathing, place cotton wool inside your pup’s ear to prevent water from penetrating.

Drying: When done bathing the dog, the next thing is to dry it. You can use either a high-velocity dryer for fast drying or rub her body with a dry cloth. In most cases, your dog will even rinse off the water on its fur by shaking itself.

Brushing: After the water has been dried, brush the dog’s hair with a slicker brush followed by combing. The brushing and combing of the hair should follow the direction of the dog hair to give you a smooth cut. 

Also, while brushing, take note of every knot you encounter. Use a comb to disentangle them carefully and start by combing from the knot farthest to skin downward. You can also apply a friendly detangling spray to lose the tangled hair if it doesn’t lose easily.

In general, while performing this task, make sure you keep communicating with your Bichon and assure her she will be better. This will make it happy and ready to undergo the same process next time.

Step 2 – Cleaning

Grooming dogs Bichon Frise in a professional hairdresser

Cleaning: You’ve bathed, combed, and dried up your bichon dog, the next thing is to clean it.

Clean gently with a damp cloth. If you discover a non-serious wound on your dog, apply hydrogen peroxide solution to it. But be careful when applying this solution to prevent it from torching sensitive parts of your pet’s body. Otherwise, carry the dog to a veterinary hospital.

Ear cleaning: If you perceive a bad odor from your dog’s ear, clean it using a recommended ear solution. Don’t dare use self-prescribed medication like water. This can mistakenly find its way inside the dog’s inner ear and may serve as a breeding space for harmful microorganisms.

Also, excessive drop solution of chemicals should be wiped off using cotton wool to avoid spreading to other parts.

Mouth cleaning: Clean your pet teeth using a soft, yet strong toothbrush designed for Bichon to rid uneaten food particles and others. Apply a designated toothpaste on this brush and brush gently. This mouth cleaning should also be done every day. Also, it would be best if you didn’t forget to check whether there’s any injury in your pet’s mouth.

Step 3 – Cutting the Dog’s Fur

A white Bichon Frise is sheared in a hair salon.

Upon adhering to the tips as mentioned earlier, it’s still necessary to groom your dog once every 3-4 weeks. Some dog owners often take their Bichon to groomers, while some groom their dog themselves. So if you’re patient enough to groom your bichon dog yourself and can learn things easily, continue below.

All you need is a clipper and other necessary tools to cut the Bichon’s coat. However, while grooming, different size blades should be mounted to the clipper to give desirable size cut. Also, more attention should be given to the head, tail, and toes of the dog as more hair grows. Have it in mind that you can only do this successfully after your dog has been tied down.

  1. Begin the cutting from the head using a pair of blunt-nosed scissors to rid-off excessive hair.
  2. Advance to the ear to remove those present in the ear area.
  3. Then, move to the body and cut the dog’s hair gently using a clipper. Stop occasionally to check if the clipper is hot. If hot, unplug or switch off the clipper to avoid burning your dog’s skin.
  4. Also, as you clean the head, use a pair of blunt-nosed scissors to trim and cut the nails and hairs around the dog’s toes. It would be best if you did this regularly as these places hide dirt’s that can hinder your dog’s movement and ability.
  5. Lastly, after you have accomplished your style cut, give your Bichon a nice treat so it can cooperate with you next time.

Safety Tips While Grooming a Bichon Frise

  • In general, while cutting with scissors, hold it at least one inch away from your dog’s eyes. Also, maintain at least a distance of one-half inch from her mouth to prevent cutting.
  • While cutting your its hair, you must hold the scissors and clipper in the Bichon’s hair direction.
  • Also, extreme care must be taken to avoid injuring the dog while shaving the genital part. This can be achieved by raising the dog and drawing back her hind legs for easy and safe grooming.

Benefits of Grooming a Bichon

  • Makes the dog look neat, tidy, and healthy.
  • Helps bring its shape and look back to normal. Especially if the grooming was done by a professional.
  • Eliminate tangling hairs and bad odors.
  • Protects it from any form of infection and disease.

Limitations for not Grooming a Bichon

  • Grow more hairs and looks wild
  • Contraction of several infections that can result in death.
  • The dog feels lonely, especially when the furs aren’t trimmed, and people will not want to associate with a dirty pet.


Bichon is a nice pet that requires special attention to keep them clean, healthy, and comfortable. So, follow the above tips on grooming a bichon to give your pet a befitting look and well-being.

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