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Hey guys, so I was looking for some dog issues browsing the Internet and I found this at with the following:



Okay, I really need advice! I have a 9-month-old Great Dane and we are really struggling with him peeing in the house. The other day, we had friends over and he peed in the house twice! After going out more than what we usually take him when it is just us. This happens almost every time we have people over, so we take him out more, but then he still does it.

Then a few weeks ago, we went to my boyfriend’s parents’ house and he peed 5 TIMES in the house! We were there for two days!! One of the times I was standing by the door to take him out as soon as he finished eating and he just started peeing right away before he even got to the door.

I don’t know what to do anymore! It causes me so much stress and I feel so bad. He rarely pees in the house when it is just my boyfriend and me at home. It’s even more frustrating because once he starts peeing he doesn’t stop!

He just sits there and stares or walks and pees. It feels like he is doing it to be spiteful but I know that’s not true. Does anyone have any advice? Especially when we are at other people’s houses.




1)  First, not all dogs understand that not peeing in their own house means not peeing in other buildings. Some are quicker to get that idea than others. One of the Rottie girls I have now was really slow about it and embarrassing when I took her anywhere for all too long. So what happened at the bf’s parents’ house isn’t unusual. Since your guy isn’t to the point of understanding “not indoors anywhere,” if you take him someplace like that again, you have to treat him like an unhousebroken puppy. His being more excited and liable to pee when company comes is also not uncommon.

Second, why are you letting him “just sit there” or “stare and walk and pee”? Leave a collar with a short grab line on it on him in the house, and when he starts that, grab him and get him outside before he’s hardly started. If you can do something that startles him and makes him stop the flow long enough for you to do that, even better. If you have to drag him, do it. Slippery floors help.:)

Last, a 9-month-old and he’s sitting while he pees? Do you really mean that or just that he’s still squatting as opposed to leg lifting? And walking as he pees? If those are really accurate descriptions of what he’s doing, I think I’d be asking the vet about it as it strikes me as unusual. Maybe people who have raised more males than I have will chime in. Is he able to hold it at night?

2) Peeing while sitting or walking that isn’t normal, especially if it seems to take him by surprise (ie he’s walking normally and the pee just starts flowing, rather than squatting/leg lifting and then starting to walk as he keeps peeing). This can be an indicator of urinary tract infection or another issue that’s impacting his bladder control, so if it does seem like the pee just lets loose with no warning or normal potty behavior from him, you need a vet to rule out medical possibilities first.


My Solution:

First, please check if this is not a medical issue, and the dog could have a urinary infection or similar. Go to the vet and verify this possibility. If everything checks OK and it’s not a medical problem, then the solution to this is “at-home dog potty training“.

You see, not many people think to use dog potty training at home for this kind of problem. Instead, they look for help online. Professional help is not possible because of the pandemic we’re in. If this was my dog, I would definitely use at-home dog potty training to solve this issue, if the vet confirms that is not a medical issue.

The Brain Training For Dogs Dog Training Guide covers this problem and many others, plus is great for dog owners who want a more obedient dog in the house. Just play a potty training game inside the guide and your dog will never pee or poop in your home or someone else’s house.


Get The #1 Dog Training Guide – Master Dog Training At Home

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