Wassup fellas? So I got another Quora.com user asking “What are the best online dog training courses?

Answering this question is pretty simple. There are only two online dog training courses that I know it exists:

Brain Training 4 Dogs – Which I personally bought and I use it every day to train my dog with

Doggy Dan’s Dog Training Video Course – Something which I believe is very expensive and overwhelming.

dog training

I wrote my thoughts about Brain Training 4 Dogs VS Doggy Dan’s Dog training Video course here on my blog.

You can check that out and convince yourself which one is the right course for you.
Like I said I vouch for the Brain Training 4 Dogs course because of how it is structured.

Doggy Dan’s is way too complex and doesn’t cover the dog’s mental stimulation.

Brain Training 4 Dogs uses all kind of nice games and cool tricks to make the dog obey.

dog training

All right. So this is it. These are the two online dog training courses I know in existence.
There are probably many other ebooks out there but they are outdated, old and they don’t deserve the time to deal with them.

If you know more online courses that I don’t, please leave a comment down below and let the world know about this.

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