Wassup fellas? So I got another Quora.com user asking What are some reading materials on dog training?

From the get-go, I vouch for Brain Training 4 Dogs. Adrienne Farricelli is the mother of all dog trainers out there and this course is the best you can find online.

But you can also search on Google for “dog training” or “dog training tips” and a lot of websites with articles will pop up.

It really depends on what you are looking for specifically, what kind of dog-related issues do you encounter.

To name a few there are:

  1. behavior issues
  2. bladder issues
  3. biting other people
  4. biting the mailman 😂
  5. obedience issues
  6. aggression
  7. overprotectiveness

Why don’t you try a Google search about those issues and I guarantee that you will find good results.

The question is, do you have the time to search for your dog’s problems not to mention to train it?

A lot of people like my user here are searching for shortcuts, this includes myself (I also like shortcuts) so put the blame on me 🤞

There are websites, books, courses, videos, and a lot of questions around this niche as far as I can see, but not too many taking action.

All right, I think this answers this guy’s question about some reading materials about dog training.

Go on Google and do the research, that’s my advice.


dog training

But if you want to read something cool and genuine about dog training and techniques, you should grab a copy of Brain Training 4 Dogs.

Trust me, I bought this course I’ve never seen something more organized and to the point.

Read my review here.

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