We must make mistakes to progress

I started this blog last year in December. It has 6 months now. Maybe you started your blog years ago, but you still don’t have the number of visitors that you want.

Don’t despair. Keep up posting, keep up improving. Keep going. The key here is consistency.

Staying consistent will bring you great results. We overestimate what we can do in one week and we underestimate what we can do in a year.

I’m not the greatest writer of all times, but I got spirit. Even if I don’t know what to blog about, I still write randomly, because I know that the content will get served to people in the end.

Struggling is good

We all struggle to achieve our goal. This is what keeps us motivated to go further and grow. That is what struggling is for.

If you don’t struggle, you don’t grow. If you don’t grow, you “die”. You quit, and all your dreams will be shattered.

“But I don’t know what to write about”

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a niche or a passion to talk about. Let your inspiration come itself. Just open the blog and start a “new post” with whatever gets in your head. You just make one step towards your goal.

Some people will understand you, some will not. I don’t expect that my blog posts to be understood by many.

But few people do. And that is just great for me. Whatever happens, don’t quit. Keep grinding.

That’s it!

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